White Marble: Carrara Slab

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When most people think about white marble, Carrara slab is what comes to mind. Carrara marble actually ranges in color from white to a light blue-gray and is widely used as a premium surfacing material for floors, walls and countertops all over the world.

Carrara marble is named for the city in which it is quarried, in the north end of what we now know as Tuscany, Italy. The region is home to very prestigious academies of fine arts, including sculpture. White marble, while more than dense enough for home surfacing applications, is considered a soft stone that is ideally suited for sculpting.

Learning more about where your marble slab comes from makes its incorporation into your home far more interesting. The natural beauty and unique swirls and patterns found in white marble make for great conversational pieces. If you’re ready to explore the finest white Carrara marble available today, take advantage of a well-stocked and reputable natural stone retailer in your area.
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When speaking of white marble, Carrara slab is what is usually implied. One of the most sought after premium surfacing materials, Carrara marble slab comes from a town in northern Tuscany, Italy. It is highly regarded as one of the finest quality marbles in the world.


White marble is used by artists in a variety of trades. Sculptors find it to be an ideal medium for creating works of art. Home builders and interior designers see it as a perfect material for surfacing floors, walls, countertops and countless other applications. Carrara marble is one of the easiest ways to add elegance and sophistication to any home.

Where to Buy

The finest white marble on the market today is best purchased from a reputable and well-stocked natural stone retailer. There’s no need to spend hours sweating under the hot sun, as the best in the business provides customers with a fifty-thousand square foot, air-conditioned warehouse that makes shopping for that perfect slab of natural stone a pleasurable experience.
White marble (Carrara Slab) is an absolutely stunning natural stone product that is easily incorporated into any home décor. Natural stone has been the go-to surfacing material for thousands of years, and for good reason. Explore the vast selection of natural stone slabs offered by the finest purveyors of natural stone slabs in the industry and you’ll be sure to find exactly the right piece for your unique home.